Client Experiences
She somehow always knew exactly what both of us needed...
Allyson was more than a doula! She was truly an earthly angel, a friend, a real champion at my birth!  My husband and I keep talking about her incredible endurance. She was always there & somehow always knew exactly what both of us needed at all times. Never once did I feel afraid or unable to finish what I’ve worked so hard to experience, and a big part of that is because I had Allyson’s loving touch & guidance through the sometimes unbearable journey that labor is!
Allyson came in and literally put my fears to rest
I am not sure where to start with Allyson she has just been a complete life saver for me.  After having my second child I felt the lack of support in such a deeper way since my mom was not able to make it to help me.  I felt scared to handle to load.

Allyson came in and literally put my fears to rest.  She came in our home and there was immediately a sense of peace that we are doing the right thing.  She encouraged me to rest while she helped with my 2 year old who was having a hard time with baby brother in the house.  My daughter and Allyson have a very special relationship that I love to watch.

I definitely feel like I have my favorite aunt in the house,  she is one heck of a good cook.I am talking wholesome meals people….  She also makes lactation cookies that are so delicious She sees things and just does them without me asking…she helps me with everything and when she leaves it’s like a piece of calm and I can rest.

Loved our talks together and how she encourages me that I am doing a good job. My family loves Allyson and her family!

I have so many wonderful things to say about Allyson and if you are needing help do not hesitate and schedule an appointment!
Allyson exceeded any expectations I had going into this postpartum phase
I knew Allyson was what I needed when she said her favorite thing about being a postpartum doula was “mothering the mother.” That felt like a warm blanket being wrapped around me. But Allyson exceeded any expectations I had going into this postpartum phase.

Allyson quickly and lovingly came into my home and took care of me and my 5 children. My baby was in the best hands. Anytime he was fussy she would cradle him and settle him down. She was always alert at how long it had been since his last feeding or diaper. That was so helpful to a tired mom.

She took my boys to the library and came back with a big pile of books and sat right down and read them to my children. They quickly became her best buddy - even my shyest son warmed right up to her.

Allyson was always in tune with needs to be taken care of and did so much without me even asking!

After her help for a time, I felt like I was in a much better state of mind and could handle the postpartum phase a lot better than before. I was constantly overwhelmed, but now I’m feeling more at peace and comfortable. I think everyone should have this experience of a postpartum doula, even if it is with baby #5!
After having epidurals with my first two births, I decided I wanted to try having an unmedicated birth
I had the opportunity to work with Allyson during the pregnancy and birth of my third child, and she was amazing. After having epidurals with my first two births I decided I wanted to try having an unmedicated birth with my third child. Allyson’s birthing classes were well organized, informative, and taught with her characteristic compassion and understanding. I then made use of Allyson as my coach/doula for the birth. She was INCREDIBLE. Allyson spoke calmly and reassuringly throughout everything. She would encourage me to try new positions as I moved through different parts of my labor, and she always respected my wishes. Some of my most cherished memories of that labor and delivery are Allyson’s soothing voice encouraging me every step of the way. She was a rock of calm and assurance and I felt so well cared for. Working with Allyson during my third pregnancy, birth, and postpartum was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
If I could give 10 stars, I would
We cannot say enough good things about Allyson with Empowered Families!

This past January we had the privilege of having Allyson as our postpartum night doula the week after both of our twins were home from the NICU. I was so nervous having both babies home, and pretty sleep deprived. I knew having the opportunity to get a good stretch of sleep would be incredibly beneficial in so many ways.

Not only did Allyson help me get some much needed sleep as our nighttime doula, Allyson really gave me so much encouragement and love. She is incredibly nurturing, reliable, professional, encouraging, and knowledgeable.

Not only was she nurturing my babies, but she was nurturing me as a postpartum and recent NICU mom as well.

I was completely comfortable with her and she really put me at ease. I knew my babies were in the BEST hands at night. Allyson went above and beyond with her Doula duties. Nightly she wrote us detailed notes on how the night went- how much each baby ate, how long it took, their temperament, diapers, spit ups, etc. It was so nice to be kept in the loop.

Somehow, between two babies that took a very long time to eat each feed, and who were feeding every two hours, she even managed to help us with some light housework! This included folding baby laundry and washing baby bottles. It was so nice to wake up to happy, fed babies and things looking great, too.
She is incredibly knowledgeable as a doula and I think because she is also mother herself, she is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. I love talking to her and hearing her insights, advice, and tips/tricks.

We highly recommend Allyson and Empowered Families Birth and postpartum. If I could give 10 stars, I would. Her time with us was invaluable.
I just wish we were able to keep her with us forever! She is a million times worth it!
She was up all night at my bedside helping me through every contraction...
My husband and I initially thought we didn’t need a doula for my VBAC, so we hired one because our birth center required us to. I had a few consultations with other doulas, but with Allyson I immediately felt comfortable even though our first meeting was virtual. We decided to continue with her and it was the best decision we made!

Even though this was my husband’s third baby and my second, it was our first vaginal and unmedicated birth; to say the least we didn’t actually know what we were in for. We knew labor and birth could take hours/maybe a couple of days but we didn’t know how exhausting it could be.

My labor was 26 hours long with the most intense contractions happening during the night. This is where we really developed an appreciation for Allyson’s support. She was up all night at my bedside helping me through every contraction while I tried to sleep in between them, this also allowed my husband to sleep for a few hours. Allyson also helped me with many other comfort measures as well as moral support. My husband and I deeply value her support, help and experience as a doula, I can’t recommend her enough!
She has made [this] experience more enjoyable
Allyson has been INCREDIBLE. She has made an incredibly unique/challenging postpartum experience more enjoyable. She is kind, empathetic, and helpful. I’d recommend her to anyone.
I truly could not have done it without her!
Allyson was amazing! She really helped me have the unmedicated birth experience I wanted. She brought all the supplies, knowledge, and encouragement I needed to create a comfortable labor atmosphere. She was there empowering me, providing comfort measures and yet allowed my husband to be my primary support. I truly could not have done it without her! She also provided great follow up after the birth. Though I didn’t have her for postpartum doula services, I’m sure she would be amazing because she provides that motherly compassion all new mommas need!
It was my first time hiring a postpartum doula and all of my needs were met and more
I feel like a google review doesn’t do Allyson’s services justice! Everyone needs a doula and my experience with Allyson was above and beyond— especially her postpartum care. It was my first time hiring a postpartum doula and all of my needs were met and more (cooking, cleaning, laundry, meal prep, baby care, toddler care, social support, etc). It was never uncomfortable or frustrating and transitioning in those first few weeks was a lot easier than it it would have been without her!
Her mothering spirit helped myself and children feel safe and supported
Allyson is lovely. Her kindness, warmth, and wisdom guided us through the many unexpected challenges we faced as we transitioned to a family of four. She was equally knowledgeable and encouraging.  Her mothering spirit helped myself and children feel safe and supported during those early postpartum days/weeks. I truly don’t know what we would have done without her. I would recommend her to anyone considering a postpartum doula.
She was so in tune with how to help both my wife and myself
I believe the male’s perspective on a doula is vital in deciding whether or not you and your partner are going to have a doula at your birth. If you are like me, you were probably skeptical of a doula. So when my wife brought it up I was closed minded to the idea at first and thought it may be an unnecessary expense. However, after having gone through the birth of my son, I realize now just how vital our Doula Allyson was. Having Allyson at our birth was easily the best decision my wife and I made. I can’t imagine how hard our birth would have been without her. This birth was our first child and so I had no idea what to expect. Allyson was 5 steps ahead of everything going on. She was so in tune with how to help both my wife and myself. Allyson was at our birth for over 14 hours and I didn’t see her sit down to rest once. She knew how and where to massage my wife, she was able to explain to me what stage of labor my wife was in and what to expect, she was calming and peaceful the entire time. And just when I thought Allyson couldn’t be any better, she started rubbing my back just when I thought I was about to throw it out! She went above and beyond in every sense of the word. I told Allyson I need her to be my full time live-in Doula. I cannot recommend her enough. If you are skeptical, I hope my experience can melt away any skepticism and doubt from your mind. I would pay any price to have Allyson at my next child’s birth.  Thank you Allyson for all your support!
She's an angel, and we cannot recommend her highly enough
As a first time mom, one of the things I was most worried about during my pregnancy was what would happen the first few weeks after the baby came, because I knew we'd be on our own and trying to figure out how to take care of this tiny little person. Our birth doulas recommended we hire a postpartum doula (I didn't even know that was a thing!) and recommended Allyson.

Allyson fit us in for a meeting right away and from the minute we met her we knew that we had found someone who would not only take great care of our baby, but would also take great care of us! My mom has a neurological disorder that means she couldn't be here to help at all, and that was such a hard thing for me to process emotionally.

Allyson came for her first shift when we had only been home from the hospital for a little over a day which was so comforting. Over the first several weeks of our daughter's life Allyson came and carried us through many of those first rough nights, helped me with breastfeeding, and our daughter slept comfortably in her arms. She cared for the baby with such love, but she also cared for me and my husband like a mom would.

She held and soothed our little one, made us meals that kept us going for weeks, brought me snacks and kept me hydrated...she's an angel, and we cannot recommend her highly enough. She even supported us late into the night by text when we had an unexpected trip to the children's hospital. She has become a friend forever, and we're so grateful for her help.
I felt so comfortable with her watching my newborn
So grateful for Allyson and all her help the first couple months. I felt so comfortable with her watching my newborn while I got much needed sleep! She is so knowledgeable and was always giving me suggestions to help with my colic baby. I would recommend her over and over!!
Being able to truly rest was such a relief
Allyson was wonderful!  Being able to truly rest knowing my baby & other children were lovingly and competently cared for was such a relief.  She was so kind and calm with my older three children, and I never worried about the care of the baby.
I felt so secured when she was here
Where should I start…We moved to AZ during my 3rd trimester with second baby. I had an unpleasant experience with my last pregnancy. My husband and I were looking for some professional help this time. That’s how I meet Allyson. She helps me as postpartum night doula. I can’t believe I can sleep whole night after having a baby! I felt so secured when she was here. Everything goes well with her help. If anyone new to town and needs some extra hand help. She is amazing!!!
I’m here to help you bloom in your own way
Every mom-to-be and family is unique. I’m ready to tailor my service to you and yours. Let’s find out if we’re a great fit for each other!