I’m Allyson!

I’m glad you’re here. Whenever I talk to a seasoned mother about my work, every time - without fail - they say to me, “Where were you when I had my babies?!  If only I had had a postpartum doula back then!!”

The initial transition to motherhood and addition of each child is beautiful but so hard.  Many women think that the anxiety, depression, and resentment towards their partner that comes with lack of postpartum support are just part of the experience - that they’re expected to simply rise to the challenge.

In contrast, we learn from other cultures around the world that a new mother needs to be mothered herself for a time. Women are designed to be carried, lifted, and guided through the postpartum experience.  It is this support that allows the woman to blossom into her role as a new mother with joy rather than suffering, with peace rather than overwhelm.

My goal is to instill in women that it’s okay to ask for help (I promise that all mothers experience more joy in motherhood when they have help!), and it’s okay to be mothered.  I can provide the care that will allow YOU space to find joy in your new role. Empowering you and helping your family bloom in, rather than struggle through, this transition is what I'm here to do!

My background has helped me become deeply connected with the needs of mothers.  Many years ago I was a nurse in the hospital settings of labor & delivery, high-risk antepartum, and mother-baby postpartum care.  Then on the side, while focusing on birthing and raising my own 5 children, I spent ten years teaching childbirth education classes independently to expectant couples preparing for unmedicated birth.  I’ve personally given birth in a hospital with an obstetrician, with a midwife, with an epidural, completely unmedicated, and a home birth with a midwife.

After moving around the country multiple times, I am now back home in Gilbert, Arizona with my husband of nearly 28 years and youngest two children (now teenagers).  In my spare time, you can find me taking a walk in the sunshine, trying a wholesome new recipe, playing games with my family, or listening to a good audiobook.  Recently I've discovered that holding & playing with my two new grand-babies is one of the sweetest ways to spend time!

Being a doula, unlike the more rigid role of a nurse, is the perfect fit for me to use my talents, knowledge, and passion to help you experience the joy and fulfillment that come from a birth in which you tune into your body and are actively involved in informed decision-making & a postpartum period in which you are nurtured and mothered with compassion.

Let me help you cherish the miracle of life as I respect and empower YOUR family!

Let’s chat to see if we’re a great fit for each other!